T-102 Render
The T-102 is a Special Buildable Energy Armageddon-only Rocket Launcher.


  • Energy-based ammunition allows for several advantages:
    • High rate of fire (an rps of 2, as well as fully automatic).
    • Incredibly light ammunition.
    • Rockets are oblivious to physics.
    • Fast reload (for a rocket launcher).
    • No zombies are resistant to energy.
    • High clip capacity of 20.
  • High accuracy for a Rocket Launcher.
  • Little noise generated.


  • No damage over time.
  • Rarest ammunition in the game, with a 1% chance of one clip per loot drop by default.
  • Rockets travel slowly compared to other rockets.
  • Very ineffective against human targets, with a 0.01x damage multiplier.
  • Cannot destroy structures like other rockets can.
  • Cannot destroy vehicles.
  • Low blast radius, of 0.75m.