A Rocket Launcher is a weapon that fires rocket-propelled explosive projectiles.


  • Very high damage: often negates the need to score a direct hit on the target, and a one-shot kill towards regular zombies on most difficulties.
  • Splash damage can also deal great harm, along with thermal damage.
  • Can destroy infrastructure and clear debris.


  • Low ammo count; each conventional weapon starts with only 1 ammo, and extra crates with rocket launcher ammunition are rare.
  • High weight (though the AT4 can be discarded after firing).
    • Low switch speed.
  • Rockets tend to sway uncontrollably with distance; this is not the case with all rockets, however.
  • Firing a rocket drastically increases visibility for a few moments, especially to human hostiles.
  • No clip or magazine, except for the Z-7 EX. and T-102; some rockets are single use.
  • Small effective blast radius on harder difficulties.
  • Risk of collateral damage when used.
    • It is unknown if explosions will be able to damage terrain.