The HIKS (or Heavy/Intelligent Kill System) is a thermal buildable sniper rifle in Z Com. It is extremely powerful, but its components only appear on higher difficulties, and it has high idle sway - this can be mostly mitigated by staying still or lying prone while aiming the rifle. While it does not work well against hordes due to its low pierce of 2, its very high damage of 2000 combined with a further 1500 fire damage makes it a great boss killer. However, it is extremely ineffective against the Incinerator, receiving a 0.05x damage multiplier when hitting one, and cannot be used against waterborne targets, as it loses bullet velocity completely upon refraction. It is best used in a well-defended area.


  • Incredibly high damage of 2000 +1500/10s.
  • High damage multiplier of 0.95x against vehicles, making it a one-shot kill towards most light craft, and it can damage most vehicles in the game, tanks being the only exception.


  • Above average movement penalty of -25%.
  • Low pierce of 2.
  • Ammunition must be constructed, and its materials are generally rare (steel bullet, osmium, thermite).
  • Must be mounted before use, impeding mobility.
    • Can, however, be left mounted after use.
  • Deals no damage against underwater targets.