The Difficulty of Z Com is measured by four variables: Zombie Density, Zombie Strength, Loot, and Allies. There is also a special difficulty modifier, Armageddon.

Zombie DensityEdit

This variable affects the number of zombies that spawn.

  • Peaceful: Hardly any zombies spawn. You can run around and still not find many zed.
  • Overrun: Nearly impossible not to find any area overrun by zombies. Lag will be as lethal as the dead here. Be prepared, and think fast.

Zombie StrengthEdit

  • Weak: Killed in one hit from most weapons, and must swarm the player to kill them. Most bosses are very weak.
  • Normal: Zombies die from a low volume of bullets, akin to many arcade games.
  • Stronger: Zombies have a realistic amount of health, and have a similar damage model to living humans. Upgraded bosses.
  • Unstoppable: Very strong, and will occasionally kill the player in one hit. Zombies have tons of health, and all bosses are extremely powerful.


  • Lots: Loot is plentiful, and will often provide uncommon weapons, equipment, and armour.
  • Some: Loot appears at a medium frequency, but will no longer give powerful weapons.
  • Miniscule: The only things loot will ever give are ammo and parts; however, parts are much more likely to be for a powerful buildable.


  • Strong: Many allies, and all have plenty of health.
  • Some: A smaller number of allies to support you, and they aren't strong compared to last time.
  • Few: You are vastly outnumbered. Make your few men count, and protect them well.
  • None: You are on your own.


  • Casual: Zombies cannot sprint, and are weaker than normal. Suppression isn't dealt to you.
  • Deathwish: Any damage at all kills you. Good luck.
  • Chaos: Gameplay is massively sped up.
  • Indestructable: Zombies cannot be killed by any means, and all weapons grant zero stopping power against them.
  • Nightmare: Zombies are extremely aggressive.