42 - Armageddon!!
is a special Difficulty in Z Com. In it, ammo and weapons can never be found as loot (barring uncommon weapons, which now have a higher spawn rate), and all zombies are fully maxed out and number in the thousands. To give players a remote chance at holding off this onslaught, there are 75 military bases, with a special drop rate for all vehicles and weapons. In addition, there are ten Armageddon Weapons.


  • Zombie Density: Apocalypse.
  • Zombie Strength: Immortal.
  • Loot: Apocalypse.
  • Allies: None.
  • Spawn: Near a desolate village, within close proximity to a heavy military base. No survivors or zombies exist in the area, giving a brief period of time to set up a survival compound.
  • Starting Equipment: M1911 (9/81), Knife.
  • Starting Boss: Heavy Incinerator.